What our customers say

Mrs C, Gloucestershire

My partner and I are bowled over by the steak and ale pie we have had for the past couple of Sundays, bought from co-op, Montpellier, Cheltenham, if I could make a pie like this he would marry me (no need but hey!) he said, mind I would marry myself if I could make pies this good.

Mrs G, Buckinghamshire

I felt I had to write and say how much we have enjoyed the taste of your new potatoes and that I bought them initially because they were in a cardboard container.    I congratulate the company on looking to the future and wish you well.

Mrs J, Somerset

I recently bought your strawberries from the Co-op in Coleford. They were the Prize variety and were the sweetest, juiciest strawberries I have tasted all summer. I will definitely be looking out for them again.

Thank-you for such a treat.....strawberries tasting exactly as they should.

Thanks from Katie ....
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Dear George and the team,


A huge thank you for the veg delivery through Claverdon community support. My husband is a GP and has been flat out trying to prepare his Surgery in Lapworth and help prepare the NHS locally and nationally. We were running out of veg and needing to get creative😊.

I have chronic lung disease so am camping , with the dog, in one room of the house due to Gareth's potential exposure. 

I just can't put into words what it means to us having everyones support.

We'd love to buy a regular order and look forward to hearing about how best to organise this through the Claverdon team.


Very best wishes and take care,

Katie xx

Thanks from Frances ....
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Dear George

As the wife of a person identified as extremely vulnerable in the present circumstances, and unable to venture to the shops, I would like to thank you very much indeed for the bag of vegetables which was delivered to us via Paul who lives in Rowington. It is much appreciated.


Kind regards


Thanks from Marie ....
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Hello George


Many thanks for the delivery of fresh vegetables which were delivered to us today.  I am so grateful for your generosity, we are both in our 80s and my husband has Alzheimers.  We have been unable to register as vulnerable for online delivery of groceries and rely on family and friends for supplies so you can imagine how good it was to receive your parcel.


We will certainly express our gratitude by becoming customers as soon as this crisis is over.


Kind regards


Thanks from Jayne & Norman ....
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We were puzzled to find a brown paper bag outside our house this morning which contained potatoes, carrots and broccoli.  It had a label

which read "With love from us  all at Mudwalls Farm" stuck to the front.  Did you deliver this very welcome parcel of fresh veg? Maybe it was left by a kindly neighbour?  We have been self isolating for a couple of weeks now as I have underlying health problems and at our relatively new home near Claverdon we  haven't  really had a chance to meet anyone yet and are still rather unfamiliar with the local area/farms/shops.  As we don't know who left the parcel but we're assuming it was your farm that

supplied it, we would like to offer our very sincere thanks.  We are both veggie lovers and shall certainly never forget our welcome bag of weekly necessities (which are 

becoming increasingly difficult to order on any websites)  If you do offer a regular delivery service or are intending to do so in the future, please let us know but otherwise we would simply thank you again for completing our Sunday Roast this weekend!


Very sincerely, Jayne & Norman

Thanks from Louise ....
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I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you so much for the vegetable bag which was delivered via The New Inn in Norton Lindsey. I am entering week 2 of self isolation with my 2 children & my supplies of vegetables had just about run out so it was a very timely and appreciated surprise. 

Thank you so much, what a lovely kind thing to do

Thanks from Christine ....
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Just a big thank you for the bag of vegetables. It was such a generous and thoughtful gift to the community. As we are isolated and had run out of fresh produce it was a huge surprise to find your gift. It gave such a warm feeling and comfort to know that out there people are thinking of others and even putting themselves at risk to help.
with very best wishes to you and your staff and a big thank you to you all

Thanks from Sue & John ....
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Dear George & Team,


Having just received a very welcome fresh vegetable pack, kindly provided by you and your team, I would like to say a big thank you to you all. As a self isolating (getting on a bit) couple the excellent fresh vegetables are a lovely treat and very much appreciated. We would also like to pass on thanks from our elderly neighbours who are not on the internet but are also very grateful to you all for your thoughtful and most generous contribution of such super fresh food. We live in Rowington and are also thankful to the lovely local volunteers who have kindly distributed the packs. When we are all back to normal I’m sure that we will all wish to support “Mudwalls” by buying their fresh food through outlets such as Hillers whose produce we have always found to be fresh and of a high standard.  


We hope you all stay well and safe,


Kindest regards,


Sue & John

Thanks from Pat ....
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To everyone at Mudwalls Farm a huge ‘Thank You’ from me and all the other elderly people in Rowington in isolation, especially those living on their own who have been the recipients of your parcel at this very difficult time. Not only are we grateful for the lovely fresh vegetables but we are cheered by the kindness of your gesture

Pat on behalf of Alison and Val and others

Thanks from Freda ....
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I live in the village of [redacted] in an Almshouse and I’m writing to say  a very big thank you for the wonderful veggies you are donating to the local community in the very difficult time we experience. Thank you so much. 
Kind Regards


Mrs Freda

Thanks from John & Val ....
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Today, my husband and I received some wonderful fresh vegetables from your farm. We cannot thank you enough for your kindness and generosity which is quite overwhelming and so much appreciated. Dinner will be very special this evening. 

It must be so difficult for anyone trying to run a business at the moment and we wish you well for success in the future when this dreadful period is over.

All good wishes to you and your staff to stay safe and well.

Thank you.

John and Val


Thanks from Angelo ....
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Dear George,

A lovely young man left a gift of vegetables on my doorstep yesterday. I just wanted to say 'thank you', and to let you know that this kind gesture is so very much appreciated.  (I have been self-isolating for three weeks, as I have a compromised immune system.)

I look forward to a trip to your farm shop when life eventually gets back to normal.

My best wishes to all at Mudwalls Farm. Take care of yourselves and stay safe.

Kind regards,


Thanks from Alan ....
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Hi all a quick email to say a big thank you for the food parcel delivered to myself along with my medication.I can't tell you how much I appreciate your kindness at this difficult time.When this crisis is over i hope to see you in person to thank you.



Thanks from Ann ....
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Dear George......a massive thank you for the gift of vegetables that came along with my prescription delivery from Hopkins Pharmacy.  What a wonderful gesture.....You are very generous, this has helped an awful lot of people.


Please take care and look after yourselves in the coming months.





Thanks from Wynne & Ron ....
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To everyone concerned


So many grateful thanks for the parcel received yesterday and made all the more meaningful with the thought of, "With love from us. The lady deliverer just said "a present from the local farmer".


What a most delightful thought. It is very much appreciated, by all of us "isolated vulnerable souls"


Many many thanks 


Wynne and Ron

Thanks from David & Margaret ....
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Many thanks for the fresh vegetables left on our door step. They are very much appreciated as we are both in our 70’s and I am disabled and classed as vulnerable. 


Shopping has been a worry for us as we are unable to go to the shops and cannot get a delivery slot at the supermarkets due to the high demand.


Once again thank you.


David & Margaret

Thanks from Bob & Jackie ....
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We would like to say a huge thank you to you all at Mudwalls Farm for the beautiful bag of fresh produce, so very generously gifted to us.

It was an amazing gesture, we were quite overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and kindness.


Many, many thanks to you all, from us both.


Bob and Jackie

Thanks from Linda ....
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We met today  by Rowington Church. I just wanted to say thank you very much for the vegetable pack, such a very kind gesture. My neighbours were very pleased with them. I think you will find people will remember your goodwill in the future.

Kind regards

Thanks from Robert ....
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Thank you for the bag of excellent vegetables delivered by Claverdon Community Support COVID19. They were very much appreciated.


Do you have a delivery/click and collect service? Due to old age etc we are under strict self isolation rules and unable to go out for the next several weeks.





Thanks from Pam ....
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I cannot thank you enough for the lovely surprise of a vegetable bag left on our doorstep today with our prescriptions.


It was really generous of you and so thoughtful in these difficult times .


It was so appreciated Many thanks,


Kind regards, Pam 

Thanks from Norman ....
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I would like to express my sincere thanks for the small bag of vegetables that were left at my door on Friday.


I had already received my order from The Farm Shop a little earlier but was pleasantly surprised to discover a later delivery as well.


A most welcome and pleasant free gift that is very much appreciated.


Many thanks!




Thanks from Susan ....
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Today we received one of your vegetable packs; a big surprise and a special  “thank you”. 

We are both currently shielding due to age; furthermore my husband has very low immunity so catching any virus let alone Covid-19 is of some concern. 

We have managed to arrange a delivery from one of the supermarkets but the quality of products wasn’t perfect. 

Tonight we had a lovely dinner sat outside in the unseasonal warm sunshine. The vegetables, broccoli, baby carrots and sweet potato, were lovely. 

Keep safe and many thanks